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True life.
"The worst thing a guy can say after a break up is “..I love you, I don’t want to lose you, can we still be friends?”
I don’t know idiot, how would you feel if you were in our place?
Fucked up right."
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You know what’s sad about loving you?
You don’t love me back.
And when you do love me, the feelings have changed.
I no longer hold those special feelings for you anymore,
those feelings are hidden beneath the pain you caused me.
Every time you kissed them in front of me.
You think I’m stupid?
Do you think I didn’t know you knew how I felt?
You bitch. You jerk.
You knew.
You knew.
What’s another sad thing?
How you would talk nonstop about how amazing they’re - and how perfect they are to you.
Are you trying to hurt me?
Why do so many people say “I don’t want to hurt you, but..”
Don’t use but.
Why must you always use ‘but’ isn’t the word bad enough?
No…no. It’s not because even why you don’t use that word it still hurts nonetheless.

Well when I find someone who loves me like I loved you.
I’ll make damn sure I don’t harm you the way did me.

Because I am better than you.
So much better.

Instead of using my love against me.

I’ll use it against you.

By killing you with my undying kindness.

Goodbye, Jerk.

Love Always,

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